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We are Shareholders!

On the 22nd of October 2022 Umnotho CFI members were handed their Share Certificate. Umnotho CFI is what we commonly refer to as our Community Bank, simply because our vision is to build a commercial bank wholly owned by its members... the community.

The Share Certificate ceremony was hosted at Shumba Valley Lodge and it was sponsored by the Gauteng Department of Economic Development, which has been supportive since we received our banking license in 2019 from the South African Reserve Bank.

These Share Certificates talk about ownership of this Community Bank. As a community, we are focused on ownership simply because we do not own much as a people. We refuses to continue existing without ownership of our land and institutions that are meant to drive our own empowerment and wealth generation. We started with land and now we are pushing for our own bank.

We are not just customers of this bank, we are shareholders!

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1 Comment

Leslie Gama
Leslie Gama
Oct 25, 2022

We started with land, now we want our own bank!

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