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LERUO Investments is a company owned by the members of Umnotho. It is a community-owned business that focuses on commercial opportunities around Umnotho. As a start, LERUO bought an old petrol station and a shopping complex to be renovated. Our mission is build a profitable business that will empower members.

LERUO is inspired by the Royal Bafokeng Holdings (RBH), one of Africa's richest community-owned companies, with assets around $4 billion. RBH is owned by the Bafokeng people in the North West province.

We believe the Umnotho community has the means to build a successful community business. So far the community raised more than R20 million, managed to purchase 34 hectares of prime land and still going.

LERUO's current projects:

  • Petrol Station

  • Shopping Complex

  • Rental Units

You can also be part of LERUO Investments:

  • You can get shares and earn dividends.

  • Share Price: R4 500

  • Get up to 10 Shares

  • Children under 18 are allowed to buy shares.

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